We combine Innovative cloud technologies with years of enterprise IT experience!

The as digitization results that Companies need to respond to new challenges that require bold and innovative steps. This applies in particular through the innovation-driven change for I. We support your steps into the cloud. We support you strategically, technologically and economically from the design of the optimal cloud strategy up to the implementation phase.

Cloud Beratung

Cloud Consulting

We advise you on the formulation and building of the cloud strategy as well as identifying a suitable architecture model that fits your needs best: whether it is an on-premise private cloud, a public cloud or the combination of both a public and a private cloud, a so-called hybrid cloud. We perform analyses in terms of technical feasibility and security and compare individual cloud services and providers. Based on the analyses results, we provide our customers with a cloud roadmap including recommendations for action and transparent decision making. Today, at least half of the decisions on IT spending is taken by other business divisions: divisions as Marketing, Finance, Human Resources and Management are interested in how processes and people can work better together. Therefore, we willingly inform these departments and synchronize the requirements together with the IT.

Cloud Integration

We use, as far as possible, standardized procedures to relocate the IT services of our clients into the cloud, thus we achieve a faster implementation of the transformation. By relocating the IT services into the cloud the requirements and working methods of future operations are also changing. Business and planning processes as well as organizations themselves need to be adjusted, this entails new roles and responsibilities within the organization. The way into the cloud is not only concerned about innovative and profound changes in the IT systems and processes, but is also about the enthusiasm in the heart and minds of your employees. Based on our careful project and migration planning, we ensure an uninterrupted migration of the IT services to the cloud and supervise the organizational change, thus leading to a seamless integration during the ongoing operation. We also point out neglected subjects such as emergency planning or disaster recovery and offer suitable concepts in this connection. During the operation of the cloud infrastructure, we optimize your on-premise private cloud in respect of efficiency and automation within this virtualized environment. But also the management of hybrid or multi-cloud environments is carried out by us by covering all disciplines of the cloud management: from system operation to development operation to financial operation and security operation.

Cloud Integration
Security Services

Security Services

Security is an essential part of IT and in particular of the transformation and the operation of services in the cloud. Our security modules provide proven solutions with products of our strategic partners for different application scenarios and requirements. Nevertheless, the cloud itself also offers exciting new possibilities to solve old problems. The cloud supports the demands on easily and efficiently deployable security solutions. Cloud services are new and different – both characteristics that not only demand a rethinking from the customers but also create uncertainty. We oppose this by our experience and methodical approach so that our customers can feel safe by using our service as a Trusted Advisor. We deploy Security in the cloud as well as implement Security from the cloud. The aim is to support the optimization of the IT benefits through an appropriate security level and through Compliance including data protection throughout the entire lifecycle. This will be reached by not only realizing this target but by sustainably implementing it in the customer’s organization.

“The analysis and formulation of a customized roadmap for the cloud transformation based on the current IT infrastructure, IT strategy and requirements are the prerequisites for a successful transformation. Therefore, the efficient and effective analysis and derivation of the corresponding transformation roadmap take place on the basis of our experience.”

Jörg Kritzen
Jörg Kritzen Responsible for the business unit cloud consulting


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